Nervahna Crew is Supervisor of the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District, in North Carolina. Crew assumed office in 2018. Crew’s current term ends on December 5, 2022.

Nervahna’s views on agriculture from a 2018 interview:

“We are losing our farms. Farmers are finding it harder and harder to sustain a family on farming alone. The problem with that is if there are no farms, there is no food! Soil and Water works hand in hand with farms, both big and small to encourage sustainability of crops as well as provide funding and education for local landowners. I want to encourage that. I also want to encourage and work with schools and community centers to create gardens. Thus serving multiple purposes. We are teaching our children about getting out in the open and growing their own food, we are encouraging healthy eating habits and sustainably using unique spaces to encourage using the land in the best way possible. Farming is an honorable profession. North Carolina is an agrarian state. No farms. No food. . .

“I want to make sure that all the resources that we have at present, as well as anything that could come down the pike, can be bought to bear when it comes to protecting our groundwater from toxins from the negligence of others. In this County, I want our board to work the County Commission, and the respective City and Town Councils to identify and address polluters before the problem gets to a point where people, livestock and our agricultural community will be adversely affected.”