Protect Earth Newsmagazine 

Protect Earth Newsmagazine provides in-depth coverage of how America is addressing the climate crises. Systemic racism has held back progress, along with the deep pockets of industries that don’t want to change the status quo. But there has been, and is, ongoing progress to abate climate change. 

Protect Earth Newsmagazine highlights what lawmakers from the local level on up to the Federal Government are doing to protect the earth. We also report on community ingenuity and innovations that will help the U.S.A. transition to being powered by 100 percent, clean renewable energy.

We hope elected officials from around the country will find our magazine a resource. What one city council is doing in Maine may become an inspiration for a lawmaker from a state on the other side of the country and visa-versa.

We are an in-print and online publication with important updates posted as they occur in our latest news section.

Ramona du Houx – Managing Editor/Reporter

Ramona has lifetime of experience in journalism with a passion to impart the truth through storytelling. She’s written for the American Indian Smithsonian, other noted publications, and is an author. Ramona is also the Executive Director of Maine Insights newsmagazine which she founded in 2005, and cofounder of the non-profit Solon Center for Research and Publishing.

Hank Greenberg – Investigative Reporter

Hank graduated from Haverford College in May 2022 with a degree in political science and environmental studies. He has been published in the Haverford Clerk and in the Montclair Local. Writing and environmentalism are two of his greatest passions. Hank lives in Montclair, New Jersey with his dog Thor.

Zarria Simmons – Investigative Reporter

Zarria Simmons is concerned with environmental justice issues. Independently, she also observes the condition of life of ethnic African women and men on her YouTube channel. She uses sociological, psychological, political, and historic data to investigates the problems her community faces and poses possible solutions.

Christopher Douglass Investigative Reporter

Christopher Douglass is a Master of Public Policy (MPP) graduate from the American University’s School of Public Affairs. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola University Chicago in Public Relations and Advertising. Christopher spent several years working in client relations for various tech companies and now uses his skills in data analysis and communications to advance environmental policy. In 2020 he was named a William K. Reilly Environmental Governance & Leadership Scholar by the AU Center for Environmental Policy. Upon graduation Christopher plans to help businesses and governments transition to a green economy which operates within the boundaries for a sustainable and prosperous future. In his free time, he is a novice gardener and volunteers with a local conservation group (Restore Mass Ave) in Washington D.C. 

Haley Maher – Investigative Reporter

Haley is from West Chester, Pennsylvania. She is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she became passionate about environmental policy and advocating for equitable change. She hopes to inspire others to take urgent action in combatting the climate crisis. Investigating social and environmental sustainability are her passions. She currently is attending Law School.

Brianna Cunliffe – Investigative Reporter

Brianna heralds from Wilmington, North Carolina. “The climate crisis is personal for me. I’ve grown up watching my home and community face the devastation of worsening storms each hurricane season.” Brianna wrote for the Bowdoin Orient.

Sarah Heins – Investigative Reporter

From Long Island, New York, Sarah faced flooding, sea level rise, and worsening storms due to climate change. She hopes her reporting will improve the world we are living by telling the truth about the dangers of climate change.

Miriam Wallstrom – Investigative Reporter

Miriam grew up in the beautiful mountains of Northern New Mexico, which helped spark her interest in protecting the environment. She is devoted to creating lasting social change through government advocacy and legislation.

Isabelle Lockhart – Investigative Reporter

Isabelle hails from Needham, Massachusetts. As a long-time writer with a passion for the natural sciences and sustainability, she hopes to mobilize readers on climate issues through bold, informative storytelling. Isabelle currently writes for the Bowdoin Orient.

Anoushka Ambavanekar – Writer

Anoushka heralds from Sacramento, California. She has witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change through wildfires and extreme weather. She cares especially about the disproportionate impact that climate change has on frontline communities.

Horace Wang – Investigative Reporter

Horace hails from Hong Kong. He is passionate about environmental policy and the intersection between environmentalism and government.

Olivia Baaten – Investigative Reporter/Graphic stories

Olivia is interested in environmental policy and its intersection with advocacy. In her free time, she sings with a cappella group. Olivia is also a graphic artist and puts together our Science Mondays.

Korina Lopez – Graphics/Social Media

Kory is from Pomona, California. She’s dedicated in helping underserved communities. “My goal is to be able to give those communities affected by climate change a voice.”

Maegan Brejnik – Investigative Reporter

Maegan is passionate about investigating social and environmental sustainability.

Protect Earth Newsmagazine is a project of the nonprofit 501(c)3 Solon Center for Research and Publishing and EOPA.