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The answer is blowing in the wind for NJ jobs and reliable energy, oped –Caren Fitzpatrick, of Linwood, an Atlantic County Commissioner

 . . . I’m hopeful, because Governor Murphy committed to increase the state’s offshore wind capacity to 7,500 MW by 2035 to meet his mandate to generate half our electricity from renewable sources. He’s made development of offshore-wind farms a top priority. That’s exciting, especially since we have the country’s largest permitted project moving forward just 16 miles off Atlantic City. Ocean Wind will produce 1,100-megawatts when operational and spur thousands of highly skilled jobs. It will reduce carbon emissions by 2.2 million tons annually—the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the road—and provide a reliable and scalable source of energy, immune to supply shortages and price shocks. . More


Labor and landfills: Why I no longer buy fast fashion, oped by Isabelle Lockhart

 . . . As a tween, large chain brands like Zara and Abercrombie were a magnet for me, with their attractive displays and perky sales associates. They had the trendy clothing beloved by myself and my peers in every color, pattern, size, and texture imaginable. Being in those store fronts felt like being in a luxury apartment. The air was thick with the cloying scent of perfume and the vibrations of a Lorde song playing just a little too loud. As I rifled through racks of skirts and graphic tees, I would occasionally lock eyes with an airbrushed model smirking at me from a glossy photo display. The presentation was seductive, and strategic. More


A silenced but persistent fight finally has a public platform, oped by Haley Maher

Efforts to provide environmental justice to all communities are gaining momentum a the state and federal level . . .  Even the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted major inequalities in health, and therefore COVID-19 mortality rates in communities of color, mostly due to pre-existing conditions stemming from long-term exposure to pollution in the form of particulate matter. The conversations surrounding these modern examples of environmental racism are only the tip of the iceberg in relation to calls to action in the EJ community throughout history.   More

Veterans who are elected officials say climate change is a national security threat 

We need a modernized national grid that relies on multiple clean energy sources to protect America

The United States experienced 22 climate caused disasters that exceeded a record $1 billion each in damages last year ... read more HERE.

Climate Injustice highlighted

Transportation and Climate Intuitive funding will help ensure communities of color aren’t left behind, say elected officials who want Governor Murphy to join

On June 29th the New Jersey Chapter of Elected Officials to Protect America hosted a press conference on the importance of TCI for communities hardest hit by COVID-19 and systematic environmental injustice. Read more HERE.

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From California to Maine elected officials share their stories with us about how they are working to combat the climate crises in their communities, state and nation.

Ventura Mayor Sofia Rubalcava says CA Governor Newsom needs to stop gas compressor station expansion as methane leaks likely

At a rally in Ventura, Mayor Sofia Rubalcava demanded Governor Gavin Newsom  take action against methane leaks that are causing cancer. The rally took place at the site of a gas compressor station that SoCalGas is planning to double in size despite problems with unplanned methane leaks and strong community opposition. To watch the video please click here.

Atlantic City Councilmember Kaleem Shabazz talks about the equity and equality importance of NJ joining the Transportation and Climate Initiative

For Atlantic City Councilmember Kaleem Shabazz the Transportation and Climate Initiative could bring environmental justice to committees hardest hit by environmental injustice. To watch the video please click here.


Atlantic City Commissioner Caren Fitzpatrick speaks out in favor of offshore wind for New Jersey  

Commissioner Caren Fitzpatrick speaks candidly about the need and benefits of an offshore wind build out for New Jersey. Thousands of jobs will be created and climate change abated as this alternative energy resource is utilized. To watch the video please click here.