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Sen. Manchin broke word to all WV voters – but not too late to make amends with vote for Build Back Better, oped by Delegate Danielle Walker, WV

“When Senator Manchin broke his word saying he would not vote for the Build Back Better Act (BBBA), he betrayed everyone who voted for him. His action will hurt millions of children and their families. Communities across our state will suffer without BBBA which would save working families $7,400 a year on average in WV, where the median income is $25,000 a year.”More


Climate investments will spur the economy and improve national security, oped by.Joel Hicks, Carlisle Borough Councilman

“As a former Naval officer, I understand how climate change can pose a significant national security threat, and the entire U.S. intelligence community has confirmed this. If left unchecked, climate change will cause a scarcity of resources that could lead to exacerbated geopolitical tensions and instability. As temperatures rise and ice melts in the Arctic Ocean, we can expect international competition over fish, minerals, water, and other resources to increase.” . . .More


To protect America, we need to accelerate a clean energy economy that will help bring environmental justice — with BBB’s climate provisions, oped by State Rep. Park Cannon GA

“Our future is reliant on passage of the climate provisions the President has put forward in his Build Back Better agenda. It combines concrete actions to mitigate against climate change, rebuilds our economy and advances environmental justice—while paving the way for good-paying union jobs. ”More

EOPA elected officials from across the country ask President Biden to show his love on Valentine’s Day with a Climate Emergency Declaration, and Congress with enactment of the Build Back Better Act

EOPA has gathered over 450 signatures from lawmakers throughout America on a letter that supports a national clean energy plan and asks for a Presidential Climate Emergency Declaration.

Clair Brown, renowned economist, Berkeley, CA professor and author. “We must work together to save life as we know it. Our lives, our economy, and our national security depend on our meeting the existential threat of climate change. It doesn’t matter how well the stock market is doing if the planet is dying,” said Clair Brown, renowned economist, Berkeley, CA professor and author. ... read more HERE.

Climate action works in LA

Los Angeles City Council votes unanimously to completely phase out oil and gas drilling and pumping

“Oil drilling is and has always been an inherently incompatible land use with neighborhoods and schools and hospitals and homes. No one should have to wake up in her own bed with a nose bleed caused by toxic oil drilling chemicals. Nor with cancer caused by the same. That said, we must also ensure the affected workers have a secure working future. Today’s item will take care of both,” said LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz, EOPA California Leadership Council,  Read more HERE.

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From California to Maine elected officials share their stories with us about how they are working to combat the climate crises in their communities, state and nation.

Assemblyman Howard Watts on what NV is doing to combat the climate crisis and how important it is to secure BBBA federal funds to accelerate plans

“Nevada is ground zero for the climate crisis . . . Heat-related illness and death is on the rise. We have to take on the underlying and amplifying factor for all these problems: climate change. That means reducing emissions as much as possible, as fast as possible, in a way that works equitably for all. That’s why we need the climate provisions in the BBBA.”  Watch the video  here.

Phoenix City Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari speaks about the imperative need for the climate sections of the BBBA need immediate Congressional passage

“More than 200,000 people living in Arizona are critically vulnerable to extreme heat. We must stop this threat that unchecked will produce 80 dangerous heat days a year by 2050. . . it’s clear additional support from the climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act will accelerate our transition from dirty fossil fuels that are the root cause of extreme heat.”  To watch the video here.


CA Councilmember Eduardo Martinez talks about: helping Richmond fight pollution, protecting people during the pandemic, and his future plans

“I believe that Richmond is in need of someone who has an eye on how the city develops in the future, so that we can become even more environmentally safe.”

Eduardo Martinez has led many environmental justice fights for the people of Richmond.  To watch the video please click here.

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Explore podcasts from the City Climate Corner as they explore how small and mid-sized cities are tackling climate change and moving toward an equitable and sustainable future.

Share their ideas and innovations with others.

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Explore podcasts from the Listening Project on the environmental fight in the refinery port city of Richmond, CA. From Chevron refinery’s toxic pollutants and the cleaning up of hazardous materials and from the former Zeneca site to the fight over the Point Molate shoreline, environmental concerns have shaped politics and conversations in Richmond for decades. These podcasts explore the issue.

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