Richmond, Councilmember Eduardo Martinez

Being a long time resident of Richmond, Councilmember Martinez cares deeply for his community. Since winning a seat in the Richmond City Council in 2014, Councilmember Martinez has been a strong advocate for protecting the environment, strengthening the police review process, increasing the minimum wage, stabilizing rents and transferring public money from jail expansion to public services.

From Chevron refinery’s toxic pollutants and the cleaning up of hazardous materials from the former Zeneca site to the fight over the Point Molate shoreline, environmental concerns have shaped politics and conversations in Richmond for decades. Eduardo Martinez has led many environmental justice fights for the people of Richmond.

“I believe that Richmond is in need of someone who has an eye on how the city develops in the future, so that we can become even more environmentally safe,” said Martinez.

 This video/podcast was produced by the Listening Project, a project of the Richmond Progressive Alliance. Recorded Aug 31, 2021. Emily Ross and Jamin Pursell produced this video.