About 17 percent of deaths in North America from COVID-19 attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution

October 30, 2020 By Ramona du Houx In late October a study, published in Cardiovascular Research, estimated that about 17 percent of deaths in North America from COVID-19 could be attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution. It is the first time a study has estimated the proportion of deaths from the coronavirus that could be attributed to the exacerbating effects of air pollution for every country in the world. The study estimated that about 15 percent of deaths worldwide from COVID-19 could be attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution. In Europe the proportion was about 19 percent, in North America it was 17 percent, and in East Asia about 27 percent. In their CVR paper, the researchers write that these proportions […]

Sen. Merkley introduces two bills to stop banks from financing fossil fuel

Sen. Jeff Merkley introduced a pioneering pair of bills that aim to “protect the long-term health and well-being of the American people and their economy from the catastrophic effects of climate chaos” by preventing banks and international financial institutions from financing fossil fuels. “How we invest our money reflects our values today and will drive our future tomorrow,” the Oregon Democrat said in a statement about his new legislative proposals, citing a September report from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission warning that the human-caused climate crisis endangers the U.S. financial system. “Fossil fuel investments play a key role in accelerating climate chaos, which continues to spiral further and further out of control and claim lives and livelihoods in the process,” Merkley added. “It’s time […]

15 States and the District of Columbia join forces to accelerate bus and truck electrification

07/14/2020 Sign Memorandum of Understanding – Pledge to Develop Action Plan to eradicate toxic diesel emissions by 2050 TRENTON – On July 14, 2020, 15 states and the District of Columbia announced a joint memorandum of understanding (MOU), committing to work collaboratively to advance and accelerate the market for electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, including large pickup trucks and vans, delivery trucks, box trucks, school and transit buses, and long-haul delivery trucks (big-rigs). The goal is to ensure that 100 percent of all new medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sales be zero emission vehicles by 2050 with an interim target of 30 percent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030. States signing the MOU are: California, Connecticut, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, […]

GM to invest $2.2 billion in EV manufacturing switch over

By Ramona du Houx October 20, 2020 General Motors (GM) will invest about $2.2 billion in its U.S. manufacturing operations, largely to increase production of electric vehicles, the company announced on October 20, 2020. The investment is the latest for the Detroit automaker as it moves further towards electric vehicles (EV’s) under GM Chief Executive Mary Barrahas‘ triple zero vision […]


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