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New Jersey needs to sue corporations over emissions from oil and gas, oped –Caren Fitzpatrick, of Linwood, an Atlantic County Commissioner

We know too well how vulnerable we are to climate change impacts like increasingly severe storms, rising seas and flooding . . . Rising sea levels create higher tides and road closures due to flooding, which prevent children from getting to school and working families from getting to their jobs. These impacts — and their associated costs — are even more pronounced in low-income communities and communities of color, like the back bay area of Atlantic City and the Lakes Bay area of Egg Harbor Township. More


Earth Day — a day to celebrate the home we all share and to be reminded of our moral responsibility to protect it, oped by Virginia U.S. Representative Bobby Scott

Today marks Earth Day, a day to celebrate the home we all share and to be reminded of our moral responsibility to protect it. This Earth Day, I am encouraged by the promise of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and I am committed to working to achieve it through legislation. The Jobs Plan is a once-in-a-century investment to create millions of good paying jobs and foster economic growth, while ensuring we protect the planet for ourselves and future generations. More


President Biden sees the climate crisis as a way to unite the world while building our economy with “jobs, jobs, jobs,” oped by Alex Cornell du Houx, former ME state Rep., former Marine Veteran, EOPA President 

As someone who has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world, Biden’s order that made the climate crisis a central consideration in all foreign and national security decision-making was a strategic long overdue step. I’ve seen the dangers of climate change as it relates to water security, migration, and infectious diseases that do not respect political boundaries. It was important to see, during his speech, how he highlighted climate change as an issue the world can unite around.   More

Earth Day Spring Special 

The following are the radio shows that aired in different states:

For this Earth Day Spring Special, we are highlighting the work elected officials are doing across the country fighting the climate crisis, along with President Biden’s efforts. Too often news outlets don’t focus on local elected officials, many of whom are at the forefront of protecting their communities from climate change. Listen to more below:

Explore our videos, podcasts, and documentaries with elected officials

From California to Maine elected officials share their stories with us about how they are working to combat the climate crises in their communities, state and nation.

Nervahna Crew, NC Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, speaks about the challenges farmers and communities face

“We are losing our farms. Farmers are finding it harder and harder to sustain a family on farming alone. The problem with that is if there are no farms, there is no food! Soil and Water works hand in hand with farms, both big and small to encourage sustainability of crops as well as provide funding and education for local landowners. I want to encourage that. I also want to encourage and work with schools and community centers to create gardens.” To watch the video please click here.

Alissa Schafer, Supervisor on Florida’s Broward County Soil and Water Conservation District speaks about the importance of agricultural practices

Alissa speaks on a panel with other elected officials about the importance of sustainable agricultural practices for the health and well being of all. On her election win Alissa said, ”I hope to help it be understood by all that our soil and water are vitally important – Florida has a front row seat for what we stand to loose unless appropriate action is taken.” To watch the video please click here.

Erica Smith, former  North Carolina State Senator speaks about equity and equality in agriculture  

Erica speaks candidly about her community and how regenerative agriculture will help the lives and livelihoods of so many. Smith received a bachelor’s degree from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and a master’s from the Howard University School of Divinity. Her experience included working in aerospace engineering at Boeing, serving on Northampton County’s Board of Education. Smith is a clergywoman and a science and math teacher. She was also co-chair of the Women’s Caucus and a vice chair of the Legislative Black Caucus in the state legislature. To watch the video please click here.