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Offshore wind is coming to San Luis Obispo County. That’s a great thing, Oped by Oped by Heidi Harmon, former mayor of San Luis Obispo, CA  

“Offshore wind is good for California, and it’s good for the Central Coast. As development projects move along, we can expect millions of dollars in economic benefits to flow into our communities, along with hundreds of good-paying jobs. According to estimates from USC’s Schwarzenegger Institute, developing 10 gigawatts of offshore wind energy statewide will create 65,000 jobs during the construction phase and 4,500 long-term maintenance and operation jobs to support working Central Coast families. These are high-quality career opportunities that community members can be proud of . . .”  More


Make an American dream possible in Ukraine: The case for renewable energy democracy, Op-ed by Igor Tregub, a Ukraine native, former Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, CA

“Every day I recoil from images of neighborhoods where I played as a youngster as they go up in flames and are reduced to rubble. Every day I shudder as another Russian-ordered drone attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure plunge entire cities into darkness and frigid sub-zero indoor temperatures. The emptiness and loss are hard to fathom, much less express in words, but is palpable as a deep sense of horror and shame that, for me, starts at 5 AM every day. It also guides my daily work to divest from life-destroying fossil fuels . . .” More


Environmental justice and energy independence are possible, Oped Op-ed by State Rep. Park Cannon, Georgia  

“Throughout the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine, President Biden has exhibited unwavering leadership, skillful diplomacy, concise plans based on expert opinions, and clear communication with the public. In short, he has affirmed strong, capable U.S. leadership. Now we must realize the opportunities presented by a clean energy economy, not only to abate the worst of the climate crisis, but also to prevent autocratic nations from leveraging their oil and gas exports over peaceful democracies . . .”  More

State & local elected officials and show their support for a windfall profits cap on the oil industry for price gouging consumers

“Profits of ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, and Shell have skyrocketed 169 percent this year to $125 billion. The oil industry is using Putin’s war and inflation as shields to hide their price gouging. Enough is enough. We stand with the people of our state and urge the enactment of a windfall profits cap,” said CA State Sen. Henry Stern. Read more HERE.

At a press conference at the Capitol, state lawmakers and local elected officials urged legislation on a windfall profits cap on oil companies for the price gouging practices. The penalty would provide a rebate for CA consumers. Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) California local elected officials from frontline communities spoke about how their communities are being affected from gas prices as the oil industry continues to rake in billions of dollars in profits with no regard for how it hurts Californians, our climate and security . . . Listen to the radio shore HERE.

Inaugural EOPA California Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit hosted by the California Energy Commission focuses on offshore wind

Over 100 of EOPA California’s 462 elected official members, representing more than half of all Californians met

At the summit, hosted by the California Energy Commission (CEC), a range of experts discussed how transitioning to a 100 percent clean energy economy is key to California’s prosperity with an equitable transition from fossil fuels. The road to become energy independent will protect peoples’ pocketbooks from fossil fuel fluctuations and their health from hazardous fossil fuel fumes that also cause greenhouse gas emissions — while protecting our national security and planet. Read more HERE.

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Massachusetts moves forward with offshore wind – a talk about the progress with State Rep. Jeffrey N. Roy

State Representative Jeffrey N. Roy of Franklin, who serves as House Chairperson of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy gives a talk on offshore win in Massachusetts. The presentation focused on “An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind,” major climate legislation passed and signed into law in August 2022. The bill contains significant provisions related to clean energy investment, offshore wind, electric vehicles,

The Massachusetts Energy and Sustainable Development Committee of the 495/MetroWest Partnership hosted the talk. Watch HERE.

Luisa Santos, Miami-Dade School Board Member speaks about the importance of the Infrastructure Act’s electric bus funds for her district

Right now, there are more than  480,000 gaspowered school buses that are in regular use across the country. The Infrastructure Jobs Act allocated federal funding for electric buses. Over the next five years, starting 2022, the law allocates $5 billion towards the purchase of electric buses in school districts all across America. Miami-Dade’s school district is the fourth largest in the nation, so what they do has a national impact.

School board member Luisa Santos describes the challenges and her hopes for the future. Watch HERE. 


David Chiu, San Francisco City Attorney, former CA Assemblyman, co-authored of the CA offshore wind law speaks about its importance at EOPA CA Summit

At the 2022 EOPA California summit experts discussed how transitioning to a 100 percent clean energy economy is key to California’s prosperity with an equitable transition from fossil fuels. Offshore wind farms would help accelerate the process and realize the state’s clean energy goals. David Chiu, San Francisco City Attorney, former CA Assemblyman, is the co-author of the CA offshore wind law and was the keynote speaker at the Summit.

“Climate policy and industrial policy have to be aligned to see the potential of this technology happen. It must be equitable affordable and sustainable,” said Chiu. Watch HERE. Listen to the radio show HERE.

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