“When you walk over to the coast and feel the wind blowing on you 20 to 30 miles off the California coast from our Oregon border all the way down to Mexico,” said David Chiu, San Francisco City Attorney, “there is enough offshore wind to power the entire electrical grid: clean, green, 100% renewable, which is remarkable.”

At the 2022 EOPA California summit, hosted by the California Energy Commission, a range of experts discussed how transitioning to a 100 percent clean energy economy is key to California’s prosperity with an equitable transition from fossil fuels. Offshore wind farms would help accelerate the process and realize the state’s clean energy goals. David Chiu, San Francisco City Attorney, former CA Assemblyman, is the co-author of the CA offshore wind law and was the keynote speaker at the Summit.

“Offshore wind is destined to take a major role. . . Climate policy and industrial policy have to be aligned to see the potential of this technology happen. It must be equitable affordable and sustainable,” said Chiu.

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