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Senate must act for energy independence and national security, Oped by NM Rep. Debbie Sarinana, Veteran

“Our leaders in Washington must rein in the oil and gas industries that are making billions in profit while everyday citizens’ pocketbooks are breaking. The largest oil and gas producers reported bumper profits while increasing the price of gas for consumers. These industries not only get a free pass to emit heat-trapping gases that exacerbate extreme weather events like wildfires and heat waves, but they also continue to receive taxpayer funds. It’s past time we accelerate the transition to clean energy, which is not just necessary for our environment but critical to our economic and national security.” . . .More


California can go big on offshore wind, and the Central Coast can lead the way, Oped by Morro Bay Mayor John Headding

“Just imagine a future where offshore floating wind turbines replace all coastal fossil fuel drilling rigs. That hope is within our reach. It started the day the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management released its proposed sale notice for wind energy area zones in California. Lease areas within the Morro Bay offer development locations 20 miles offshore from San Luis Obispo County. At that distance the floating turbines will be indistinguishable on the horizon. Along with Humboldt’s development, 4.5 GW of clean power will be generated for 1.6 million homes, yet that amount of gigawatts pales in comparison to our state’s potential.” . . .More


Ukraine War: 100 Days, and No End in Sight, Oped by Alex Cornell du Houx, president of Elected Officials to Protect America

“To truly address the urgency of this challenge is to mobilize a wartime effort to produce clean energy at home and export it to Europe. President Biden can invoke the Defense Production Act to lead the world in clean energy solutions. This leverages $650 billion in federal procurement and creates a demand signal for rapid production. America is excellent at manufacturing when we have a mission. We created and led the world in vaccines using the DPA. During World War II we produced 300,000 airplanes..” . .  More

Elected officials who are veterans commend IRA bill and urge a Presidential Climate Emergency Declaration at EOPA Climate Summit in Washington D.C.

EOPA has gathered over 1,000 signatures from lawmakers throughout America on a letter that supports a National Climate Emergency Declaration

Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) lawmakers from across the country, who are also veterans, thanked President Biden for finalizing The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 — a critically important step for inflation, our nation’s security and the health of the planet at a National Press Club press conference on August 15, 2022. Importantly, they also implored President Biden to make a National Climate Emergency Declaration, which would unleash his presidential powers to reach a 50 percent greenhouse gas emission reduction by 2030 to combat the existential national security threat of the climate crisis. . . read more HERE.

Offshore wind creates economic opportunities from coast to coast. EOPA wants accelerated and more leases available

Offshore wind has the potential to provide more than 2,000 gigawatts (GW) of energy in the United States — two times the present generation of the entire U.S. electric grid, according to a National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimate.

Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA), a non-profit group of elected officials who are working to solve the climate crisis, held a nationwide virtual press conference on offshore wind projects, comparing progress and highlighting its economic benefits while asking for more offshore wind leases for development and an accelerated leasing process. Read more HERE.

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Inflation Reduction Act provides hope for Michigan’s climate-change policies says Councilman Gary Schlack, Veteran.

“We only have so much time,” Schlack stressed. “As stewards of our planet, we have to reach now, and not continue letting the other side drive our language. And, if we continue to do so, we’ll just move a step back, and fossil fuels will take advantage of that. When you have the momentum, use it.” For the radio report go here. For Gary Schlack’s press conference statement go HERE.

Elected Officials to Protect America and Tribal officials praise IRA, call for Climate Emergency Declaration

“It’s a great start to help fix the environmental damage that has been done on the Yurok territory,” Williams outlined. “From gold mining, clear-cut logging of our redwood trees, and then damming of our rivers.” For the radio report go here. For Councilmember/Veteran Philip Williams’s press conference video statement go HERE.


Inflation Reduction Act is law yet climate future still murky. EOPA’s Dominic Frongillo urges National Climate Emergency Declaration.

“By opening up public lands for leasing, and because the fossil-fuel industry is primarily responsible for the climate crisis, is driving the climate crisis; we need a clear and strong plan to get America off fossil fuels, to lead the world in phasing out fossil fuels,” Frongillo urged. For the radio report go here.

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