Climate change is a National Security threat – we need to transition to clean energy now, by CA, Torence Councilmember, Tim Goodrich, Air Force Veteran. (Rt.)

This year, we witnessed more than 4.1 million acres burn — and more than 9,000 homes and other structures destroyed. Tragically, we lost at least 31 souls. Some say this was a once in a lifetime event. But the fires are getting worse yearly. New research shows “fire weather” days in California will rise 40 percent by 2065.

Torrance is a city of 150,000 within Los Angeles county which has 10 million people. You wouldn’t think that we would be affected by forest fires, but this year we were. More


Governor, issue an Executive Order for 2,500 foot setbacks for wells, if you care about kids, by CA, Sacramento Councilmember Katie Valenzuela

 I grew up in Oildale in Kern County. My most vivid memory is lying chest down on a metal table in a doctor’s office because I had spent the entire night struggling to breathe, my chest was aching from coughing and trying to get air into my lungs. Prostrate on that cold metal table was the first relief I’d felt to those sore muscles. It was right before I was taken to the hospital because I couldn’t breathe properly. At the time, I thought it was a part of a normal life. After-all it happened to my school friends, my family. We’d pray we’d end up in urgent care or the emergency room. That meant we’d live.. More


The regional Transportation and Climate Initiative is what New Jersey needs to grow jobs, clean our air and bring equality by Mayor James “Jim” Maley, Collingswood

For every town that wants to take steps to solve climate issues, we realize very quickly that the resources and issues extend too widely and involve too many substantial costs for any of us to make a dent in the issues. We keep trying, but the best path forward is through a regional alliance that gives us resources to begin to make a difference. Our families are depending on us to get real progress on pulling our world back from the edge. We need a regional approach, like TCI.  More

Investigative Report

Water in Crisis: Part III – Bleeding Dry: How Water Insecurity Drives Injustice and Conflict Globally and endangers American Security at home

By Brianna Cunliffe, P.E.N. chief investigative reporter. In one of the most volatile regions of the world, the Gaza strip, the key driver of recent conflict is not ancient religious or ethnic enmity, not state aggression, and not terrorism. It’s water. In the dry lands of Palestine, and surrounding Jordan, life-sustaining agriculture relies on a precious and fast-dwindling supply of water — much of which is groundwater controlled by Israel. For over 50 years, Palestinians’ access to that water has been denied or severely restricted and policed, resulting in rising tensions and human suffering as scarcity takes its toll on both hygiene and agriculture. Irrigated lands have declined drastically in recent years, and experts predict within the decade, there will be nothing left of the region’s once-thriving farmlands . . . More


Common Roots shows how a community garden builds resilience

As gentrification, food insecurity, and climate change threaten the East Boston community, they find a joyful way to come together: growing food. In this video documentary, Common Roots tells the story of a community under attack that comes together by growing food. Like many urban neighborhoods, East Boston faces rapid gentrification. Its immigrant residents are being displaced. People face food insecurity. Climate change is bringing extreme floods . . .  More

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Colorado Commissioner Steve Child 

Pitkin County Commissioner Steve Child of Colorado talks about the inevitable switch to renewable energy. To learn more about Steve and to watch the video please click here.

Wisconsin State Assembly Member Greta Neubauer

Wisconsin State Assembly Member Greta Neubauer on encouraging youth to be politically active. To learn more about Greta and to watch the video please click here.

New Jersey Freeholder Caren Fitzpatrick

New Jersey Freeholder Caren Fitzpatrick on joining the Transportation and Climate Initiative. To learn more about Caren and to watch the video please click here.