July 26, 2022

 According to E&E News, “The Biden administration will announce new policies this week to mitigate wildfire risks and protect communities from extreme heat.”

The announcement comes after President Joe Biden last week said that he views climate change as an “emergency,’” and vowed to roll out a series of executive actions to tackle the problem. To that end he announced new leasing for offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico and OR, as well as other measures.

The administration plans to announce new investments through the infrastructure law passed last year to help eliminate the backlog of reforestation needs and assist communities in planning for and mitigating wildfire risk.

Additional upcoming announcements are projected to include new resources for communities coping with extreme heat, and new initiatives to help lower families’ utility bills by expanding access to more affordable sources of clean energy,

President Biden is facing increased pressure to declare a national climate emergency, which would allow him to unlock additional executive powers. The president said he is considering that measure, but he said, “I’m running into traps on the totality of the authority I have.” What those traps are he didn’t disclose.

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