January 27, 2022 

U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) called on the Senate to move quickly to pass the Build Back Better Act and the $555 billion in climate and clean energy investments it includes during a virtual national townhall meeting sponsored by CAC, National Wildlife Federation, and Sierra Club.

“Climate can’t wait,” Markey said as he kicked off his remarks to more than 54,000 viewers who joined the call. “We can use climate as a foundation for a deal on Build Back Better. We can bring climate justice to communities around the country and build a package that has 50 votes. Add in any other provisions on any other issues that have 50 votes, like climate, and that’s our package,” he added.

Sen. Markey says, “Climate can’t wait.” Urges climate action in Build Back Better Act.

Markey was joined on the call by White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory, who noted the first anniversary of President Biden’s historic climate and environmental justice executive orders. Other speakers included Sierra Club President Ramón Cruz and National Wildlife Federation CEO Collin O’Mara.

Last night’s townhall had more than 54,000 viewers on Facebook, 9,000 viewers on Twitter more than and 3,300 comments and engagements from activists across the country.

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