December 23, 2022

WASHINGTON — In response to Congress passing a bipartisan funding bill, which includes $10.135 billion for EPA’s annual budget, an increase of $576 million above EPA’s previous year’s funding, provides $1 billion in much-needed relief for communities impacted by the recent Hurricanes, and invests $600 million in Jackson, Mississippi’s water system, EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan issued the following statement:

“Our work at the EPA is first and foremost about protecting the wellbeing of all communities. It’s about creating jobs and economic opportunity in every corner of the country. And it’s about safeguarding the right – the freedom – that belongs to all people by virtue of living in the United States to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and lead a healthy life. But we can only accomplish EPA’s vital mission when the agency is equipped with the necessary resources. With the bipartisan funding bill, President Biden and our partners in Congress recognize EPA’s essential role in American life.

The bipartisan funding bill includes the largest annual investment in environmental justice in the agency’s history. Combined with historic investments from the Inflation Reduction Act, EPA is poised to tackle many of our nation’s toughest environmental justice challenges and ensure that all people share in the benefits of a cleaner environment.

The bipartisan funding bill sustains support for our state and Tribal partners through key programs that address legacy pollution, reduce harmful diesel emissions, and fund storm water, wastewater, and drinking water systems. It increases funding for EPA’s Geographic Programs, which help protect and restore our nation’s precious waters – from the Great Lakes to the Puget Sound. The bipartisan funding bill also boosts funding for EPA’s enforcement and compliance work, which is critical to keeping our communities safe and holding polluters accountable.

I’m especially proud that the bipartisan funding bill provides $1 billion in much-needed relief for communities devastated by recent hurricanes and invests $600 million to respond to the drinking water emergency in Jackson, Mississippi.

This summer, the crisis of aging water infrastructure in America rose to the national conscience when more than 150,000 people in a capital city were left without clean drinking water for weeks. The people of Jackson – like all people in this country – deserve access to clean, safe, and reliable water. EPA worked diligently alongside state and local partners to secure an agreement that will help deliver a sustainable water system for Jackson for the long-term. I am grateful to our partners in Congress for sharing this commitment and recognizing the urgency of addressing this longstanding challenge.”

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