June 26, 2022

By Ramona du Houx

In New Jersey the Murphy administration announced on June 26, $60 million in incentives to help people purchase electric vehicles (EVs). The state will renew its ‘Charge Up’ program for a third year, offering up to $4,000 in cash to get drivers to buy or lease all-electric vehicles. In each of its first two years the program maxed out and helped put more than 13,000 electric vehicles on New Jersey roadways.

“I’m thrilled that Governor Murphy is offering significant savings towards the purchase of an electric vehicle and charging apparatus for homeowners. It clearly is a key incentive that will help residents transition to EV’s. With Atlantic City and other coastal towns along our seaboard flooding with every high tide, it’s high time we accelerate our transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy. Fossil fuels have created this climate crisis, clean electricity will get us out of the woods,” said Caren Fitzpatrick, County Commissioner Atlantic City

The state is also offering a $250 cash incentive for residents to use toward installing a home charging station and millions more for landlords, developers and owners of multi-unit buildings to install chargers.

‘First and foremost we are offering up to $4,000 cash on the hood to get more New Jersey drivers into an all-electric vehicle as the prices of EVs continue to fall more and more in line with gas-powered cars. Especially in the all-important and growing mid-priced category,” said New Jersey Governor Murphy, during an event in Asbury Park, NJ. “There is no doubt that the tide has turned and electric vehicles are now a legitimate alternative, equal to their internal-combustion competitors in price if not superior in performance. As the prices of EVs continue to fall more and more in line with gas-powered cars — especially in the all-important and growing mid-price category — we know this incentive can push more buyers to making the decision to go electric.”

Another $4 million will go towards giving incentives for apartment buildings and condominiums to install charging stations for their residents to use. The roughly $60 million that will be used to fund the incentive program will come from this year’s Clean Energy Fund.

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