Year in Review

We review our first year of podcasts, including what we’ve learned, emerging themes, and our biggest takeaways.

DECEMBER 28TH, 2021 | 21:19 | E21

Santa Barbara CA: Natural gas ban

On July 20, 2021, Santa Barbara City Council voted unanimously to ban natural gas from all new construction in the city. A powerful partnership, encompassing grass roots activism, staff analysis, and city council support, led th…

DECEMBER 7TH, 2021 | 43:21 | E20

NLC: Climate resilience lessons learned from 30+ smaller cities

The National League of Cities (NLC) is the oldest and largest organization in the country representing local governments and has been ramping up their climate change and sustainability support. We interview Cooper Martin, Direct…

NOVEMBER 23RD, 2021 | 42:09 | E19

Etna PA: 1st Certified EcoDistrict in U.S.

Etna, a small suburb of Pittsburgh, became the country’s first certified EcoDistrict in 2019. From a place that saw 25% of its homes flood in 2004, learn how collaboration within and between communities made it possible for Etna…

NOVEMBER 9TH, 2021 | 42:35 | E18

Eugene OR: The Giant Sequoia next door

Eugene Oregon has some hugely impressive trees and canopy management tools. We interview City of Eugene Urban Foresters Scott Altenhoff and Heidi Lakics, and learn how trees are intimately woven into Eugene’s climate action plan…

OCTOBER 26TH, 2021 | 41:22 | E17

Duck Hill MS: Youth vs. Flooding

Duck Hill, a town of about 1000 people in north central Mississippi, experienced constant flooding until a team of young “Creek Rangers” took it upon themselves to address it. We interview high school senior and Creek Ranger Mer…

OCTOBER 12TH, 2021 | 42:55 | E16

Ithaca NY: $150M and counting

Ithaca, NY, adopted a Green New Deal in June 2019. Their goal is achieving carbon neutrality community-wide by 2030, while ensuring benefits are shared so as to reduce historical inequities. We interview Luis Aguirre-Torres, Ith…

SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2021 | 51:39 | E15

Asheville NC: Food Policy Action Plan

Asheville, NC adopted a food policy action plan in 2013 and updated it in 2017 to ensure residents have access to healthy, nutritious food in the context of creating a thriving and resilient city. We delve into what the plan is,…

SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2021 | 43:18 | E14

Savannah GA: Trees – Jobs – Climate

In 2018, Savannah received a grant to create an urban tree nursery to grow their tree canopy, mitigate the increasing impacts of climate related flooding, do workforce development, and engage the community. We interview Savannah…

AUGUST 31ST, 2021 | 43:44 | E13

Youth Episode – Laramie WY

We interview three young people who, as University of Wyoming students, were a key part of Laramie’s climate action efforts. Hear from Chelsea Taylor, Jarad O’Brien, and Zach Isler about their projects, their impact on Laramie,…

AUGUST 17TH, 2021 | 31:18 | BONUS

Lexington MA: Efficient Buildings and Electrification

Over a decade ago Lexington adopted a stretch energy code for buildings. Then about 20% better than the existing code, this stretch code was adopted statewide and eventually in 47 other states. Now Lexington has built several al…

AUGUST 3RD, 2021 | 39:29 | E12

Ann Arbor MI: Net Zero by 2030!

About a year ago Ann Arbor adopted an audacious plan of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 with a total investment of $1 billion. This is faster than just about any other city in the country. We speak with Missy Stults, Ann Arbo…

JULY 20TH, 2021 | 38:49 | E11

Laramie WY: Coal Country Climate Action

39% of the nation’s coal comes from Wyoming. Yet there are some strong local movements for renewable energy and climate action. Learn how a unique and powerful coalition of climate activists, university students, and city offici…

JULY 6TH, 2021 | 42:51 | E10

Tacoma WA: Declaring a Climate Emergency

In December 2019, Tacoma Washington declared a climate emergency. We examine why they did it and how it has been a springboard for more aggressive climate goals and an increased focus on climate justice. We interview Patrick Bab…

JUNE 22ND, 2021 | 35:21 | E9

NAACP and Climate Justice

The NAACP has created comprehensive tools that cities can learn from and leverage in service of climate justice. We interview Jacqui Patterson, Senior Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice program. Having run t…

JUNE 8TH, 2021 | 38:56 | E8

Boulder CO: Neighborhood climate action plans

Boulder Colorado is embarking on a hyper-local neighborhood-based approach to climate action. We interview Boulder Sustainability Coordinator Elizabeth Vasatka, and climate activist David Takahashi, about an exciting new program…

MAY 25TH, 2021 | 40:51 | E7

Youth Episode – Fayetteville AR

We interview 17-year old Amelia Southern about her path to climate justice activism in Fayetteville, that includes a Miami influence. And we reveal the source of our podcast music!

MAY 11TH, 2021 | 20:03 | BONUS

Fayetteville AR: Bike City

In February 2021 Fayetteville was the first city in the US to be awarded the designation of Bike City by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world governing body of cycling. We talk with Dane Eifling, Fayetteville’s Mob…

MAY 11TH, 2021 | 36:48 | E6

Goshen IN: Climate Action with a Conservative City Council

Goshen is a northern Indiana city of 35,000 people that has had a Republican majority City Council and a Democratic mayor for decades. Yet they’ve made strong progress on climate action. Learn how (hint – young people played a s…

APRIL 27TH, 2021 | 40:14 | E5

Youth Episode – Goshen IN

We interview now college freshman Dylan Steury about his role, and the role of young people in general, in Goshen climate action. Hear about how he and his peers presented to City Council and got their unanimous support.

APRIL 27TH, 2021 | 17:50 | BONUS


APRIL 19TH, 2021 | 00:33 | TRAILER

Albany CA: Funding Climate Action

How does a small city fund climate action? Albany came up with a creative answer. We interview newly elected council member Preston Jordan and Climate Action Committee member Nick Peterson, about their recently approved utility…

APRIL 13TH, 2021 | 39:53 | E4

Youth Episode – Albany, CA

We interview 19-year-old Samantha Smithies about her role in climate action in Albany, CA. Hear about how she participated on, and then led, the city’s Climate Action Committee.

APRIL 13TH, 2021 | 16:32 | BONUS

Youth Lead The Way – St. Louis Park, MN

High School students in St. Louis Park, MN initiated what became the most aggressive climate action plan in the state. Abby interviews co-host Larry Kraft about how youth forever changed the course of the city and how they remai…

MARCH 30TH, 2021 | 26:50 | E3

Youth Episode – St. Louis Park, MN

Youth from the St Louis Park High School Environmental Club initiated St. Louis Park’s Climate Action Plan over five years ago and remain involved today. We interview the leader that started the work five years ago and the curre…

MARCH 30TH, 2021 | 15:09 | BONUS

Anchorage Alaska: Rewriting the narrative

What does it look like to engage in a just transition? How can city climate action benefit from inclusive engagement? How do you change an entrenched fossil fuel story about the Alaskan economy? We interview Ruth Miller of Nativ…

MARCH 16TH, 2021 | 52:41 | E2

Youth episode – Anchorage Alaska

We interview 16 year old Emily Taylor of Anchorage and Bristol Bay about her story and the impacts of climate change on her, her family, and Alaska.

MARCH 16TH, 2021 | 19:40 | BONUS

Clean Energy Scorecard for Small Cities

After introducing the podcast and what listeners can expect, our first episode looks at an analysis of clean energy efforts by 30 small cities around the country. We interview Dave Ribeiro, director of local policy at the Americ…

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2021 | 31:18 |