August 10, 2021

New Jersey Assemblymember Dr. Herb Conaway

New Jersey Assemblymember Dr. Herb Conaway and clean energy and transportation advocates urged the state’s elected leaders in Washington to support federal investments in clean transportation infrastructure. The in-person press conference took place at the Rutgers EcoComplex Clean Energy Innovation Center as part of a series of grassroots events coordinated by the Climate Action Campaign.

As the Biden administration and Congress consider broad infrastructure proposals and investments in clean transportation, speakers thanked U.S. Representative Andy Kim (NJ-03) for his climate leadership. They urged him to continue supporting clean energy growth and the expansion of the market for clean vehicles and buses through the budget process this summer in order to improve public health and create economic opportunity for all New Jerseyans.

“There is an urgent need for Congress to support federal investments in clean energy infrastructure which will improve public health, grow the economy and ensure a more sustainable and resilient future for all New Jerseyans,” Assemblyman Dr. Herb Conaway (D7-Burlington). “We thank Rep. Andy Kim for his support on these important issues and we look forward to continuing working with him.”

Transportation accounts for the largest source of climate-harming carbon pollution in the U.S. Modernizing our transportation sector and investing in clean school and transit buses are critical to combating climate change, which makes extreme weather events like hurricanes, nor’ easters, and heat waves more frequent and intense.

“The Rutgers EcoComplex fully supports clean vehicle technologies. We believe clean transportation applications, especially if they utilize clean energy, can improve the environment, public health, and create economic opportunities for all New Jerseyans,” said Dr. Guran, Director, Rutgers EcoComplex. “We believe clean transportation is an important component in climate change mitigation efforts. In order to achieve this, we need clean infrastructure with safeguards in place to phase out fossil fuel based light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, including buses and trucks, to eliminate carbon pollution. We need to achieve this at every decision making level. This includes the need for bold federal investments in clean transportation.”

Investments in clean transportation and electric buses and vehicles are essential to meeting our nation’s climate goals, reducing air pollution, improving public health, achieving environmental justice, and spurring the economy. Meaningful federal investments can spur the advancement of such programs, leading to cleaner air, reduced fuel costs, and more family-sustaining jobs for our communities.

“New Jersey is making the necessary investments to become a nationwide leader in electric vehicle (EV)V adoption. Now it is time for our leaders in Washington to take bold action and bring the rest of the country up to speed,” said Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak (D18-Middlesex). “I thank our Congressional delegation for their leadership and support and encourage making EV infrastructure a priority with greater investments to accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy.”

Recent polling found that these investments are popular in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. Sixty-five percent of voters in the 3rd District support investments in electric vehicles and charging stations to reduce pollution and help more Americans buy clean cars.

“Big, bold investments in clean vehicle infrastructure will boost the clean energy economy and provide sustainable, family-supporting jobs for New Jersey,” said Stanley Jaracz, President of the Central Jersey Electric Auto Association. “Expanding electric vehicles and charging infrastructure could create 1 million manufacturing jobs in the auto industry. We encourage Representative Andy Kim to continue supporting significant investments in the electric vehicles market.”